Sunday, December 30, 2007


I've been hard at work prepping the release of my second edition of my zine, Vomitorium. It will feature ten works of art by Brent Parker and 10 of mine. It still has some time to go before its printed, but it will be worth the wait. Here is a poster design that I created and could be sold with the zine if time and money permits it:

My work for the zine is similar to this poster.


THE GOOD------
My brother was married
I got to go across the world to Cyprus
I moved
I rescued some kittens

the films:
"No Country For Old Men"- by the Coen brothers
"Sunshine"- by Danny Boyle

the albums:
"In Rainbows"- by Radiohead
"Seance Prime"- by Trap Them
"New Moon"- by Elliott Smith
"New Erections"- by The Locust

and probably some other small things.

THE BAD-----
my dog died
my cat died
i got mono

and probably some other big things.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I'm currently finishing portfolio pieces which include event posters, a book cover, a brochure, 3d packaging, and CD packaging. I will be putting together my 3d box tomorrow, so I will post pictures of that when I am done. Till then, here is a rough mock up of CD packaging design I am working on. I had to create a fake band, fake album name, fake album linear notes, etc. So i put it all together in photoshop and illustrator using my photography.

The "band" is called Pale Kids and the album is titled Political.

I have a few issues to fix until I will print it for the final time.
If you are interested in getting cheap to free art for your band's album, email me at BRICE.BAUM@GMAIL.COM

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Last Sunday I went and saw the Smashing Pumpkins. It was the first "show" or "concert" i've been to since I saw the locust a long time ago. It felt weird to be in a huge venue. But anyways it was a great show and something I would have loved to have seen sooner. I grew up secretly listening to the Smashing Pumpkins since my parents highly discouraged "rock" music. I remember sitting on my grandma's bed having to watch MTV on her tiny 10 inch cathode ray t.v. with a huge antenna. I remember perfectly the first time I heard/watched the video for 1979 when I was about 8 years old and how badly i wanted to go out and buy that CD. Too bad I was 8.

Anyways, I went with an old friend that I haven't seen in a while and my girlfriend, and another friend of ours who also liked the Pumpkins when he was a kid. They played for probably 2 hours plus and they played a lot of old material which made it memorable. I would post the setlist, but they havent put it on their website yet.

There are some great photos and a review of the show HERE by Laura Seewoester


Saturday, November 10, 2007

First My Cat, Now My Dog

Less than a month ago my cat, Traci, died of feline leukemia. Now a couple weeks later, my dog, Mandy, died of heart failure. Both these animals I had since i was about 3 or 4 so they have been a part of my life for the majority. I guess this is a sign that I really am getting older.

RIP Mandy

RIP Traci

Saturday, October 27, 2007



Friday, October 19, 2007


Yesterday my cat was put to sleep. she had leukemia.

She was 16 and she has lived with me the majority of my life. When i moved out, she came with me.

Sunday, October 7, 2007


my grandmother cleaned out some closets and came upon some very very old photo albums. some from the 20's. so she gave them all to me, i probably have over 2000 photos from her lifetime now. she also gave me some antique frames. here are a few things from the albums...


take a look at all the new stuff i added to the bottom.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


This weekend I went to my parent's house and my girlfriend and i stumbled upon a really funny lost dog. He looked like a Pomeranian and was pretty tiny. He looked like my girlfriend's dog named Jym, so we just called him Jym Jr. He had a collar but no tags on it. So we forced my ma to let us keep it at our house while we attempted finding it's owners, put up signs, etc. No luck that night, so my mom let him stay in the garage cause he pissed alllll over the room we put him in. I felt bad leaving my parents with him since i had to go home.

The next morning the owners called and were extremely happy we watched him and took him in. He had wandered extremely far for a dog and he would have really gotten lost if he followed our street further into the woods. he dogs name was "Toby" which i didn't think was as cool as Jymmy Jr. We were planing on naming him something cool if no one ever called about him. I have a feeling my ma would've given in and let us keep him. or at least let me take him. The owners brought my mom a cookie cake as a thanks.... pretttty coool i guess...

here's pics of him;


Old video I made for the Texas agressive metal band Verae. This was my first attempt at ever using any video software. I used iMovie and took all the photographs for the video with a Canon 20d.

If I were to remake this video, it would be a million times different.

Sunday, September 2, 2007


I took the time to scan a handful of pictures from my past. When i first got a film camera I took pictures of everything at my house/outside my house/ anywhere/ etc. I had a 35mm film SLR camera, a medium format camera, a Polaroid camera that i got at a thrift store for 3 dollars that has the most disgusting yellow lens that makes everything nasty and unfocused. Here's some:

a horse a couple weeks old.

my first high school was right next to a piece of crap house that no one could sell. they had a broken car sitting around the place that all the kids used to go and beat, break, shatter, ruin, etc. I'm sure hundreds of kids have taken pictures of the same car in photojournalism but i decided to use a p.o.s. Polaroid to go along with a p.o.s. car.

my dogs brother. taken with a disposable camera

when you have horses, you see millions of flies.

my friend wearing an old oxygen tank from an old fire truck my dad surprisingly bought.

pinhole camera photo.

taken on the highway with a disposable camera

water gardens in ft.worth texas
maybe more to come.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Some of my friends moved into a house in Denton this past weekend. I even went as far as to help lay some hardwood floor for about five hours. Then the next day I rode some a girly bike to their place from another friend's. Super sweaty and we kinda got lost for a little bit. They weren't there when we arrived so we sat there for a while with one of the guy's parents.

^best directions ever

I found some awesome photos recently. I will scan them and show the world soon enough.

Saturday, August 18, 2007


Moved last weekend. Too bad it was in the triple digits of temperature whilst walking up and down the stairs back and forth and back and forth. Too damn hot to ride a bike anywhere as well... oh well. This place (plano/the colony) is "totally cool bro"

I got the art history blues.... but good time to make fast doodles and sketches.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

8/5/2007- Santa Fes

It was only $7...

Santa Fe-

Brit's new cruiser-

I simpsonized myself. Too bad burger king is sponsoring it.

Friday, August 3, 2007

8/4/2007- Futures

I saw the Simpsons and Sunshine twice. I suggest going and seeing them each twice. I got the new Deerhoof and it's pretty cool. Turns out one of my instructors likes them and saw them in Denton once. How cool is that. I got an itunes gift card unexpectedly and that led me to buy a Give Up the Ghost cd. Cool.

more to come when i'm not so tired.

Monday, July 23, 2007

7/24/07- Horse Face

There is this place called not here, and that place is gonna rule. I recently made the big step in my life of taking a trip to the Quick-E-Mart in Dallas. I guess driving 20 minutes is a grand step.

Monday, July 16, 2007

7/16/07- Young

Pretty soon I am going to have some digital poster prints available. Multiple designs and different sizes, 11x17 and 13x19 inch sizes. They should be pretty swell when done. More of that info to come sooner or later when they are done.

Some newborn ducklings were hangin out in my parents pool with their ma.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

7/12/07- Tarantulas

I'm back from Cyprus.... the country.... look on a globe if you don't know where it is, hint: it's in the Mediterranean sea. Anyways, I attended a great wedding, came home to stress, and now getting stuff back together. My camera lens was scratched, so all my pictures have bad splotches/scratches/shit skid marks.

Stuck on a mountain.

Best restaurant ever. Dunno what the hell that even says.

Soda companies make fruit drinks there... so many choices.

My wonderful hotel with horribly rude employees.

Wild cat or Cato as they are called in Greek, they were everywhere. Sadly they were dirty, no shots, and beat up.


gut feelings.