Sunday, May 25, 2008

Selling Some Used Shirts... without ebay

I need some spare cash to buy paper and toner. So instead of garage sales and not getting 1/4 what I paid for the shirts, I'll sell them through email/paypal for probably half what I paid for them. Most of them are damn fine american apparel t's or old band shirts. Almost all of the shirts are in great condition, it says if there is anything wrong with them.

email me at for any questions or for better pictures or whatever

NOTE: these pictures are a little pixelated and discolored cause of the internet. email me if you want better pictures. 

American Apparel- Melange Eggplant Tee- Size SMALL $8- great condition

American Apparel- Lavender- size EXTRA SMALL- Kinda old and worn. $6

American Apparel- Slate- size EXTRA SMALL- $8- good condition

Blood Brothers- American Apparel- Pink, "crimes" art-$8- classic GIRL SIZE LARGE- screenprint is kinda worn from washing. good condition.

Blood Brothers- American Apparel- Natural color "Burn Piano Island Burn" art- size SMALL-$8. screen print is a little worn, great condition.

Dillinger Escape Plan- Hane's brand YOUTH LARGE- $7- good condition

American Apparel- Eggplant- size EXTRA SMALL- $8 good condition

Every Time I Die- "vote" design- YOUTH LARGE- $8- good condition

American Apparel- 50/50 poly cotton-eggplant- EXTRA SMALL- $5 - there is a small hole in the left shoulder. other than that, nothing at all wrong.

American Apparel- 50/50 poly cotton- Orchid- $8- EXTRA SMALL- good condition.

American Apparel- asphalt V-neck- $8 EXTRA SMALL- good condition

Blood Brothers- "Rockers NYC" fuschia- GIRLS LARGE- $8- good condition

Blood Brothers- "horses" hoodie/sleeveless- EXTRA SMALL- I cut the sleeves off. $8

All shirts are $8 or less. There is a $2 shipping fee, if you know me or live by me, then there is no shipping charge...

CONTACT ME AT BRICE.BAUM@GMAIL.COM if you are interested in any shirt, have any questions, want better pictures, etc.

Saturday, May 17, 2008


A lot of interesting things have happened since my last post;
• I turned 20
• I co-designed a shirt for a band
• I've been working on two new zines
• I've been slowly working on a possible album cover for a band
• I got a new bike


I turned 20 on April the 20th. I had a cream soda/ root beer kegger complete with Virgil's all natural mini-party kegs. You can find them at some health food stores like whole foods, I suggest getting one, or nine like I did.


A good friend and talented artist who has been in the second issue of Vomitorium, Brent Parker, was asked along with me to create a t-shirt design for a local death metal band that consists of some of our best friends whom we've grown up with in the dallas/ft.worth metroplex. Here is what we came up with:

I will post a link with some info on how to get one if you are interested when they are done being printed, in the mean time check them out if you are interested: SILENE


I've come a long way with my zine project. I didn't think it would last long or think people would be interested, but i'm working on no.4 right now. This next one will probably be printed "professionally" through an actual printer if I can get some people interested in advertising.

You can purchase the few remaining copies of Vomitorium No.2 through OINK or GORILLAMART. once they are gone they are gone until I print up a collection of the first handful of editions into one book, which won't be for a couple years... it's on sale at both sites.

Issue no.3 is available through the VOMITORIUM MYSPACE for $5.

Shirts are also still available there. They are limited to 100 printed.

And lastly I am putting together a zine with 2 new works of art by every artist and for sure future artists to be compiled and given to our closest friends/family/supporters. They will be very limited, probably 10-15.


I got a new bike, its a fixed gear. Call me hipster I guess. My friend made it.


Have a good day/night.