Thursday, January 31, 2008


after a long time of prepping and production, issue no.2 is now done.

Brice Baum

Brent Parker

Vomitorium No.2

A twenty page collection of work from Brent Parker and Brice Baum. Each artist submitted 10 original pieces. "LAZERBABY" by Brent Parker is 10 pieces of incredible creations consisting of collage, design, architecture, exploration of color, and more. It is sure to bring a light on in your life and a sharp smirk to your lips (in glee of course). "DOGS FOAMING AT THE MOUTH" by Brice Baum is a collection of illustrations that show some of our good and bad sides as humans. Topics include ignorance, fear, age and beauty all with a twist of sarcasm and simplicity. The illustrations are simplistic and are colored with black, yellow, and aged red inks. The exaggerated features are sure to keep your interest, even if you belong to generation Y.

price- $5- full color printing, three buttons (one by each artist and a Vom logo), and a vinyl weatherproof sticker.

to order, contact Brice at BRICE.BAUM@GMAIL.COM. I am looking into setting up a paypal account to where I can set up an easier online buy, but as of now it will be a more personal transaction. For information on buying bulk orders at wholesale price, contact me via email as well.

Thank you

Brice Baum & Brent Parker

Saturday, January 26, 2008



Here are a couple shots from a recent show in denton for high on fire, a life once lost, saviours, and rwake. i got pics of all of them except high on fire.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Band Photography

To help speed up this blog and organize it better, I have moved all my band photography to this Flickr account:

my name is bricebaum on flickr, so friend me or whatever you do on that site.

I also made this flyer for an show this week in Denton.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Tonight I took some cool people to see some cool comedians say some cool jokes that made us all feel cool. Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter "tore it up" on stage at the Dallas House of blues. It was a great experience and we got to say hello to them afterwards. It was akward and i didn't want to seem like a fan boy or stalker so I just said hello/great show/cool shirt/thanks for coming, then snapped a picture with a very bad camera phone and the we left. I never realized how much of a little kid I look like.

oh yeah happy new years I guess. maybe this year wont be the worst.