Wednesday, September 19, 2007


This weekend I went to my parent's house and my girlfriend and i stumbled upon a really funny lost dog. He looked like a Pomeranian and was pretty tiny. He looked like my girlfriend's dog named Jym, so we just called him Jym Jr. He had a collar but no tags on it. So we forced my ma to let us keep it at our house while we attempted finding it's owners, put up signs, etc. No luck that night, so my mom let him stay in the garage cause he pissed alllll over the room we put him in. I felt bad leaving my parents with him since i had to go home.

The next morning the owners called and were extremely happy we watched him and took him in. He had wandered extremely far for a dog and he would have really gotten lost if he followed our street further into the woods. he dogs name was "Toby" which i didn't think was as cool as Jymmy Jr. We were planing on naming him something cool if no one ever called about him. I have a feeling my ma would've given in and let us keep him. or at least let me take him. The owners brought my mom a cookie cake as a thanks.... pretttty coool i guess...

here's pics of him;


Old video I made for the Texas agressive metal band Verae. This was my first attempt at ever using any video software. I used iMovie and took all the photographs for the video with a Canon 20d.

If I were to remake this video, it would be a million times different.

Sunday, September 2, 2007


I took the time to scan a handful of pictures from my past. When i first got a film camera I took pictures of everything at my house/outside my house/ anywhere/ etc. I had a 35mm film SLR camera, a medium format camera, a Polaroid camera that i got at a thrift store for 3 dollars that has the most disgusting yellow lens that makes everything nasty and unfocused. Here's some:

a horse a couple weeks old.

my first high school was right next to a piece of crap house that no one could sell. they had a broken car sitting around the place that all the kids used to go and beat, break, shatter, ruin, etc. I'm sure hundreds of kids have taken pictures of the same car in photojournalism but i decided to use a p.o.s. Polaroid to go along with a p.o.s. car.

my dogs brother. taken with a disposable camera

when you have horses, you see millions of flies.

my friend wearing an old oxygen tank from an old fire truck my dad surprisingly bought.

pinhole camera photo.

taken on the highway with a disposable camera

water gardens in ft.worth texas
maybe more to come.