Friday, March 20, 2009


I saw Kylesa the other night with Judd, Cole, Jessie and his friend whose name escapes me. It was a pretty excellent show and they played every song I wanted to hear/see live.

I know these photos are bad quality, but they are some of my only mementos. I took pictures of Kylesa in Houston once that were good, so I didn't feel the need to redo it.

That band rules. Probably one of my top 5 of all time.

Vomitorium 6 is underway... should be a great issue.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Linear Thinking

Working hard.

Got this record a couple days ago, but sadly I've been working all day everyday to be able to listen to it yet. I bet it's outstanding though.

Just look at this hot wax? Just look at it.

I also finally got my Kayo Dot record. This is one of my favorite records of all time. I listen to it at work all the time.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

At Least I know;

Who loves me.

Anyways, there were really different times in my life when i was 17 and such. I used to actually do something productive or along those lines every single night. Now i'm just barely getting stuff done. But the stuff i've been working on makes me very happy. And it's not often that I do something and stay content with how it looks. But these next series of illustrations are so cool. Doom and gloom cool.

I'm considering getting silkscreen prints of each of them and selling them all together. I want as many people as possible to be able to have them when they are done to put on their wall (if they want).

I looked through some old photos and I finally found the thousands of pictures I took for a stop motion video for my friend's old band. We spent days scoping out places to get interesting pictures. We went to "the Bridge" as we called it. It's a bridge over the highway on 183 in Euless. Lots of cool kids went there a lot or something. Also my friend's father proposed to his wife by hanging a banner over the bridge before they completely fenced it off (to avoid pricks tossin' bricks and pumpkins into cars going 70 MPH.)

We were always paranoid of cops. We got harassed a lot just for coming out at night, so we took a ton of pictures before any of the people around the neighborhood saw us. Chances are, people think anyone hanging out on a bridge over the highway late at night is up to no good, and I guess the area isn't to "nice," but whatever.

Here is Mikey Shits when we were walkin back to my car. I like lights in trees. As unnatural and surely distracting to birds, they make it nice to stand outside at night in an area like where we were.

Mikey Shits and I used to go wander the woods all the time. We also went to ditches a lot too. We always looked for the most interesting ditch to wander. Sure it sounds stupid and a waste of time, but it made us feel young and care free. Once we went to check out some stencils that someone we knew did in this really really badass ditch. It was huge and real deep. We didn't realize it was a real sketchy area of Hurst or somewhere near there. When checking out the tiny stencils, we realized they were covering up other tags and gang graff. as well as pure stoner crap. It was pretty funny to see a huge shitty throw up that said "listen to stoner rock. sleep. slayer. cephalic carnage." Then there were tons of crap drawings of bongs and inverted crosses. When we walked further down the ditch, getting more into what looked like crip graffiti, we weren't paying attention to a group of people at the overpass above us. My friend and his girlfriend were riding a bmx bike around while my friends and I were just wandering and looking at funny throw ups and tags, nothing good. We then realized some guy had come down the ditch and was watching us. He was in a wife beater, probably 25, and he had a pit bull or some dog like that on a leash with all the "hard ass" studs that all the "tuff" guys put on their crap to look more intimidating.

We just flashed a peace sign and asked what's up and told him his dog was cool. He said "yeah." and then tried scaling a 45˚ wall with his dog, who clearly couldn't make it. Instead of picking the dog up, the guy just tried forcing the dog to somehow learn how to get up a steep concrete ramp. We watched him jerk the dog around on the leash and yell at it saying "don't be so fuckin' stubborn" and a bunch of other demotivators. Twas quite the sight to see and really made me sad to know people like that have dogs and treat them like shit.

Once the guy left, we decided maybe we should get the fuck out of there since it was clearly a gang hangout. I'm sure they appreciated a bunch of deformed face and skull stencils in flourescent pink and orange on top of their dark blue shit. Oh well, shit happens.

I might be participating in an art show in Ft. Worth this Saturday. It's all street art related stuff, so if I can stencil something nice by friday, I'll be in it. Otherwise, i'll just go to hangout.

Sunday, March 1, 2009