Thursday, April 16, 2009


I'm a busy guy. When i'm not working or working on something I am either in class or asleep. I miss friends.

Here is a piece of mine from VOMITORIUM 6. Feel free to hate it.
^ The purpose of this series of black metal inspired paintings is to show how comical it truly is to go to the lengths of caking on black and white makeup (corpse paint.) There really isn't anything metal about it.

I went as far as to put on corpse paint just to really see how long it takes to pull it off and how awful that facepaint feels. It didn't stay on me long, but I did bake a vegan pizza with some friends while wearing the makeup.

^note: look at Rebecca talking to an invisible cat.

This is the cover for VOMITORIUM 6:

This cover is really nice, its a fold out on the reverse side with a continuation of this image's story.

Me watching my cat watch a cat:

I believe I will be printing vomitorium 6 later today.

p.s. my friend Katie got a new website: