Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Taking a Break

This week I am off from classes. That means lots of nothing to do. I don't have a job. I do freelance design work when I can, aside than that, school keeps me very busy during the week. Its just those few days when there isn't anything I have to do, that I cannot get anything accomplished.

Today I went to my school's portfolio show. Everyone there had excellent work and I hope they all get a great job and find success. After that, my friend Casey and I went around killing time in Dallas. I went to Good Records and got two Jim O'Rourke (of Sonic Youth) albums. I can't stop listening to them. It's always great to inject music into your life of styles you don't normally listen to. 

There is a major stoner metal/doom metal show coming up in denton this weekend. I will be there and I will have copies of VOM.No.4 with me.
Here is a flyer I made for it: 

Right now I'm in the middle of three books:
Narcisa- by Jonathan Shaw
My Custom Van- by Michael Ian Black
and a very explanatory book on Nietzche called "Introducing Nietzche". There is a whole series of books entitled "introducing" that cover a ton of different subjects. They mix comic like illustrations with text, which in my opinion, makes it more memorable.

I've been listening to:
Jim O'Rourke- Eureka
Jim O'Rourke- Insignificance 
Young Widows- Old Wounds
Pygmy Lush- Mount Hope
Isis- Oceanic remixes and reinterpretations 
and the other day I was looking through my cd's and found Worship and Tribute by Glassjaw. Hearing that again really reminded me of when I was 15 hanging out with the best of friends I ever had.

EDIT: i fixed the date for the show.